Elephant Sculpture Art Co., Ltd.
(ZS head office, GZ XingLi branch office, GZ Elephant Cultural Tourism office)

ESAC(short for Elephant Sculpture Art Co.,Ltd) is a well know brand of China theme amusement industry design and construction, vice-president organization of Zhongshan Game &Amusement Association. We are specialized in indoor & outdoor theme amusement park for 19 years. Our design team is up to 120 designers, and our construction team is with more than 400 workers. We have more than 4000 constructed projects all over the world.

Till now, we have serves more than 2000 professional customers. We not only served it includes large outdoor theme amusement parks such as chimelong and OCTM, as well as provided solutions for domestic well know brand & chain operation brands like Wanda Group, Evergrande 1+ amusement park, xinghe xingqu children’s fort, hani deer dream kingdom, wisdom amusement park, piggy fairy tale world, space academy, adventure amusement park, and dolle city. Wanda Group, Evergrande Daishuwang,  Doro City, etc. We finished 300 projects every year. Our clients are are all over from Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, dubai, Jordan, Thailand, Turkey, Algeria, Pakistan and other countries.

ESAC have been playing a role as creative design and implementation complete server in world theme amusement industry development. According to customer’ investment requirement, we provide professional complex service including suggestion, planning, design, implementation, construction solution. We put customer’s IP into every process of theme amusement space. Master, story line, scene,props······ We consider perfect combination and experience of online and offline for every detail. We try to put every amusement space in theme, through environment design to build different theme, emphasize interactive and experience, to attracting «Family» repeated consumption.

Give child a fairy tale beautiful world
Give adults a wonderful trip to forget reality;
Give investors a guide of the experience economy of new profit model...
This is what ESAC will do for you, and can do for you!